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When clothing meets both of those criteria, pick it up and try it on (there is only one exception to this rule if it has a drop waist, put it back). You may be surprised what looks good on you. You may hate 95% of what you try on.

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The is going to seriously IN for Spring (i still head bopping from the up the jam at PPQ and Calvin Klein collection has a sporty and dare i say MC Hammer nod to it. Are muscles are OUT, and that lemon possety lime green colour is everywhere. What not to love!


And when they come to help birth my babies, they carry over 100 pounds of equipment with them including oxygen tanks and masks for Mom and baby, medication to help the uterus contract after the birth in case of bleeding, warming trays for the blankets, and a suctioning machine. There is so much stuff and I never paid attention to everything, but they are ready. Where I live, it is required that 2 Ferragamo Double Gancio Bit Mocassin Black midwives be in attendance at a home birth, just in case one for Mom, one for baby.

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