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African American names are subject to the same prejudice that African Americans face. Studies on the topic found that job applicants with Black sounding names were 50% less likely to get a call back after submitting resumes than applicants with white sounding names submitting similar resumes.[9][10] African American naming trends are often misunderstood, maligned and sometimes referred to as the pejorative term “ghetto names”. Many experts assert that this criticism is solely a manifestation of racism as many other American cultures have used inventive names extensively without the same condemnation.[2][8] For example, the Puritans had a deep tradition of expressing their values through creative names, many in the form of virtue names like Grace, Felicity, Chastity or Hope.

BUT THIS TIME . I never had bad cramps (Just little cramps from time 2 time, which I think that’s normal) I Dont see any blood this time BUT Im still scared I had a miscarriage. I didnt go to the doctor yet.

Just days before the German surrender at Stalingrad on January 31, 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met for a high level conference in the Moroccan city of Casablanca, recently captured in Operation Torch. There they discussed the future direction of the war. They gave the European Theater priority, but they would not commit to an invasion of Northern Europe until the Atlantic could be made safe for the mass transport of men and supplies.

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