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8. What could you do to help your team so they DO love their work This is the time to get creative, have fun and start taking action so that you can have the level of joy and fulfillment that would be a “10” for you and your team! Just because there are a couple of things your team doesn’t currently love about their work doesn’t mean you can’t help the team change those things. It IS possible for your team to love their work! Get specific for each one.

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If your frames are light, you may want to try wispy bangs that are swept sensually to one side. If you do use bangs or fringe, make sure the frames are not obscured in any way by the length of the hair. If your frames are soft looking, try bolder looks like spikes or strips of highlights.


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Southwest. Today is not a country with one General American culture and three or more regional sub cultures. He asserts that the country is composed of just regional cultures, and that understanding that helps one to understand many things about modern American life.

I do some walking in my day to day life but not extensive amounts usually just around the city for an hour on my lunch breaks. It usually takes about an hour or two of walking before my feet start to get sore, regardless of the thickness of my heels. I plan on doing much more walking than that on vacation and don’t want to be distracted by sore feet.